Holy Relationships

Helping youth develop Christ-Centered Relationships

St Paul Youth Ministry is designed to meet the fellowship and spiritual needs of youth in grades 6th –12th, through worship, study, missions and recreation. Our goal is to help young people take ownership of their faith and grow in the Family of God. Our Youth Group is more than just a ministry of the church, rather they are vital members of our Church Family, without whom we would be incomplete in our mission and service to God.


Upcoming Youth Events

 Read our latest Newsletter to stay informed on upcoming events!

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 Youth Programming


Our Sunday school programming is called Kickstart, and it meets every Sunday AM from 9:30 to 10:20 in the Youth Lounge. This program is guided by Bible-based curriculum, where we study different parts of the Bible through games, videos, discussion, and more!

Our current series is journeying through the book of Exodus! This Old Testament story is one of the defining narratives of the Bible, and it has a lot to tell us about our history, about Jesus, and about how we live our lives today.

Come join us Sunday mornings to study the Word!


Youth Fellowship

St. Paul Youth Group’s primary youth gathering!

Youth Fellowship returns on Sunday, August 15 and will take place most every Sunday afternoon of the school year! We’ll meet in the gym and youth lounge from 4-6 PM and will play games, worship, and have a discussion together.

This semester’s theme for Youth Fellowship is called Crew! Using Leonard Sweet’s book 11 as our guide, we’ll be talking about and exploring 11 different kinds of essential relationships that we all need in order to be well-rounded and well-rooted individuals! Each relationship is guided by a biblical model, and our discussions will have youth thinking deep about the kinds of friendships and mentorships that they have. After all, you are who you hang around!

See you Sunday!


Midweek Meetups

Midweek Meetups are getting a change this year, both in day and in venue. In an effort to continue the momentum from our summer Wednesdays, and to help out our many families that have kids in both children AND youth ministries, Midweek Meetups will be hosted at the church from 5:45 to 7 PM every Wednesday. There will be youth AND children’s meetups! Our meals will be catered or prepared for us by volunteers, and then we’ll split up to have time to chat about our weeks and be together, just like Meetups have always been about!

We hope this change will help alleviate some schedule stress for our families and keep parents from having to run all over town to a different restaurant each week. Ms. Jill and I will be trying this Meetup format up until Fall Break, and then at that point we’ll evaluate if it is effective enough to continue further.

Our first Meetup will be on August 18th at 5:45. See you then!


Extra Events

Keep reading the newsletter to stay informed on additional youth activities.


Metro & Conference Youth Involvement

We connect with other Youth Groups from the United Methodist Memphis Conference and from our Metro District throughout the year. By attending retreats and gathering designed to help our young people recognize that they are part of a larger body of believer both within the United Methodist Church and with the Beloved Community of Believers around the world. 


We connect with the Memphis Conference Youth through attending the

Fall Conference Spiritual Retreat at Lakeshore UMA and participating in other local events.


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