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Helping youth develop Christ-Centered Relationships

St Paul Youth Ministry is designed to meet the fellowship and spiritual needs of youth in grades 6th –12th, through worship, study, missions and recreation. Our goal is to help young people take ownership of their faith and grow in the Family of God. Our Youth Group is more than just a ministry of the church, rather they are vital members of our Church Family, without whom we would be incomplete in our mission and service to God.

Upcoming Youth Events

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 Youth Programming

Youth Fellowship

When it came to Youth Fellowship this semester, I knew we’d have to do things different. Even though we’ll be allowed to use our gym and youth room facilities come Sept 13, information from the recent Parent Survey told me that our group will be more comfortable meeting outside when possible.
And I agree; it seems wisest and most cautious right now (with schools and other programs returning and experimenting) to continue to do what we can to stay outside and distanced when possible. 

So our theme for Fellowship right now is Fireside Chats, where we’ll gather around a fire pit (real one if the Fire Marshall lets us, fake if we can’t) to talk about and reflect on the lives and sayings of various Christian leaders. 

The flow of the night will look similar to last year: we’ll start with group games, have a time of worship, then lead into our discussion around the fire. The main difference is that, because of the health logistics of providing and distributing a meal, we will NOT be serving dinner at Fellowship this fall. 
If there is rain or other inclement weather, we will move into the gym, making sure to maintain social distancing and wearing masks.

Youth Fellowship happens on Sunday from 4-5:15 PM. Both the children and youth ministries at St. Paul have decided to keep a shorter timeframe on our events for the time being, with the possibility of expanding back to two hours later in the fall.

I hope your youth will join us as we jump back into our routines!

Midweek Meetups

The return of the school year means the return of Midweek Meetups! These gatherings are a time for us to enjoy each other’s company (usually over a meal or snack) and talk about our weeks, the highs and the lows.

Become a subscriber to the youth weekly newsletter by emailing youth@stpaul-lakeland.org to stay up to date on when and where the upcoming Meetups will occur!

If your student needs a ride to or from these events, let me know and we can figure something out! I don’t want transportation to keep anyone from participating.

Extra Events

Church Council will meet on January 15-16 to lay out the calendar for the year. This is where youth events will get approved.

As of now, the main event to keep on your mind is our mission trip to Mountain TOP on July 18-24. Register your youth today!

Keep reading the newsletter to stay informed on additional youth activities.

Metro & Conference Youth Involvement

We connect with other Youth Groups from the United Methodist Memphis Conference and from our Metro District throughout the year. By attending retreats and gathering designed to help our young people reconize that they are part of a larger body of believer both within the United Methodist Church and with the Beloved Community of Believers around the world. 

We connect with the Memphis Conference Youth through attending the Fall Conference Spiritual Retreat at Lakeshore UMA and participating in other local events.

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